Why Evocloud

Why EvoCloud

Looking for the best platform with great performance, available anywhere, anytime and on any device?  Then you”ll want EvoCloud!

Trend Number One:
Cloud computing is no longer The Next Big Thing, it is The Big Thing. Five years ago it was on its way. By 2008 it had walked in the door, made itself a sandwich, turned on the ball game, sat down on the couch and put its feet up on the coffee table. Cloud computing is here, and it”s here to stay.

Thousands of small to midsize companies have IT assets hosted remotely, and the largest global companies are using the cloud as a matter of course.

The only reason we still identify cloud computing as a trend is because of how rapidly it”s growing.

Trend Number Two:
As fast as the demand is going up, the amount of computing cloud-based resources is rising even faster. An industry that once commanded healthy profits is turning into a commodity business.

At the rate things are going it won”t be long before there”s a hosting company opposite every Starbucks. That”s very nice news for companies that need a lot of computing power, and there will not be a way to avoid it.

Trend Number Three:
There”s a dramatic shift in what companies now want to get out of cloud computing, and we”re talking about companies of all sizes. Even thousands of smaller companies are becoming well aware that scattered cloud-based assets have somewhat limited benefits.

The cloud is not a major competitive plus unless everything is centralized and organized through a simple-to-use, simple-to-share, simple-to-collaborate, simple-to-manage interface. It is where the real cost savings and performance gains come from.

It”s What”s Next
What companies are demanding is nothing less than over-the-horizon, enterprise level performance, on both the back and the front ends. In simplest terms, what the market wants is a management tool to harness the cloud resources and turn them into business-ready IT assets. An interface to empower the end users by providing them with unified access to all their IT assets on one screen, on any device, anywhere. That”s what we call EvoCloud.

What Is Evocloud

Why EvoCloud

EvoCloud saves you money by outsourcing your IT through an easily scalable Web-based Portal Desktop interface that unifies all of your applications, files and data (unlike managed hosting), is easy-to-use and set up, lets your staff work from any Internet connection, and happily works with virtually any application, including custom and industry-specific apps, on any OS or device, including iPad, tablets, smartphones, etc… (unlike Hosted Desktop).

Our Portal Desktop technology makes it simple to manage security, share files, and coordinate all of your IT (unlike stand-alone SaaS or a patched together hybrid cloud solution). We save your IT staff dozens of hours each year with easy-to-use, industry-leading administration tools, and do all of this while backing you up with world-class support, unsurpassed security, and industry leading infrastructure that”s delivered by an accomplished cloud computing company, serving hundreds of people across the globe.